1. Download the Office Deployment Tool here: 

  1. Run the officedeploymenttool.exe 

    • Click to accept the Microsoft Software License Terms 

      • “Browse for Folder” – save to your Desktop.

      1. Download the “Configuration.xml” file attached to this email and save it to your “Desktop.” 

      1. Open the “File Explorer” or “My Documents.”  

      1. Click on “Desktop” and paste the following command into the directory (Where it states, “This PC > Desktop” underneath “Home, Share, and View.”  

        • setup.exe /configure configuration.xml

        1. Once the installation has completed, open “Word.” 

          • Click on “File,” “Account,” “Change Product Key” and then insert your MAK Key provided in the licensing email (If not already activated).

          1. Restart “Word” and all applications will now be activated. 



          2 Seats Allocated to the above MAK key under the agreement: 75378911 – PURCHASING IN CO 

          If you have any questions or concerns please email support at support@software-dudes.com