NOTE: These instructions require you to use the product key from ESS downloads email


Note: To use User CALs, the Server must be connected to a Domain Controller. If the Server is on a Workgroup, User CALs cannot be used.
Installation Instructions: 
Remote Desktop / Terminal Role Service must be installed. If already have this role installed, skip to step # 8

Section 1: Installing the Roles 
1. Open Server Manager. To open Server Manager, click Start, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Server Manager. 
2. Select the option to "Add Roles" 
3. Select "Role-based or feature-based installation." Click Next. 
4. Select the server you would like to install the Remote Desktop Session Role on. Click Next. 
5. In the Server Roles Section, expand "Remote Desktop Services". 
6. In the Roles Services Section, select all role services, click Next 
7. Follow the prompts. You will need to reboot the server.

Section 2: Installing the licenses 
8. Open up the "Remote Desktop Licensing Manager." 
9. Right-click on the server you're trying to add the CALs to and select "Install Licenses." 
10. Click "Next." On the proceeding page, switch the License Program to "License Pack (Retail Purchase)" and click on "Next." 
11. Enter the Product Activation Key that you received above and click "add".  
12. The License will now appear in the below box, click Next to complete the installation. 

*Note: You may see a larger quantity of CALs than purchased in the RD Licensing Manager. This is because of a change in Microsoft processing as of January 1st. Please note, you will still only be allowed to deploy up to the amount of CALs purchased. 

Congratulations! Your Remote Desktop/Terminal Service licenses are installed and ready for use.

If you have any questions or concerns please email support at