Microsoft Dynamics 365 Part IV: Finance

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Part IV


Microsoft Dynamics 365 supports financial professionals in managing budgeting, forecasting, cash flow analysis, accounts receivable/payable processing, and more. This system allows users to quickly analyze data to make informed decisions and gain insights into their financial performance.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has the tools financial professionals need to help their businesses succeed. It provides a comprehensive suite of solutions that enable faster analysis of data, better management of resources, and more efficient decision-making. In addition, with its intuitive user interface, it is easy to set up and use.

Financial professionals can see the complete picture with real-time information from all departments in their organization, allowing them to make informed decisions quickly and accurately. The system also enables tighter control over financial processes, such as budgeting and forecasting, to ensure accuracy and compliance with industry regulations.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps protect sensitive data from cyber threats. From streamlining daily tasks to profound insights into performance trends and customer behavior, Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides the tools to help financial professionals maximize efficiency, increase profits and build a strong future for their businesses.


Accounts Payable

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Accounts Payable is an automated system that allows organizations to streamline and manage their accounts payable process.

With its comprehensive features, Accounts Payable can help organizations save time and money while ensuring payment accuracy. It integrates with other Microsoft applications like Dynamics GP and NAV, providing an all-in-one solution for managing payables. The solution is also customizable to fit any organization’s specific needs.

Accounts Payable offers a range of tools for entering invoices, tracking payments, managing vendor relationships, reconciling transactions, running reports, auditing data entry, and more.

In addition, its powerful analytics engine provides insights into payment trends by allowing users to generate custom queries across multiple months or years. And its integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP and NAV means that organizations can take advantage of their existing investment in these applications.

With Accounts Payable, organizations can:

  • Save time on manual data entry with its automated invoice processing features
  • Track payments and manage vendor relationships with ease
  • Reconcile transactions and run reports with the powerful analytics engine
  • Customize the system to fit their specific needs
  • Leverage their existing investments in Dynamics GP and NAV

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Accounts Receivable

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Accounts Receivable is an all-in-one solution for tracking and managing customer payments. With flexible options, accounts receivable professionals can easily create custom invoices and track customer payments.

The Accounts Receivable module also provides visibility into customer credit limits, payment terms, and more. This helps to ensure that businesses aren’t overextended with credit offerings or subject to potential bad debt risks.

Additionally, the solution has built-in analytic tools that enable users to generate reports and insights on their Accounts Receivable data quickly. Analytical tools make it easy to assess trends in customer spending or identify areas of improvement within their accounts receivable process.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Accounts Receivable is an invaluable tool for businesses of any size, enabling them to manage their customers’ payments and ensure business continuity effectively.

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Asset Leasing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Asset Leasing provides a comprehensive solution for leasing asset management. It allows you to configure lease parameters such as the lease term, initial rental amount, and rental escalation rates.

Additionally, Asset Leasing helps you set up books, create groups and assign user roles, giving you complete control over managing your assets. Moreover, you can set up index rates, expense types, journal names, and accounts when posting lease transactions. Finally, number sequences can be assigned to ensure that all lease transactions are tracked accurately.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Asset Leasing, you can access a powerful leasing solution that streamlines your processes and provides visibility into your leased assets. This makes it easy for businesses to reduce costs over time and keep track of their leased assets.

With this solution, you can easily monitor the performance and profitability of leased assets while ensuring that all lease transactions are accurate and compliant with regulations. In addition, Asset Leasing provides a comprehensive suite of tools to help businesses manage leases efficiently and effectively.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Budgeting is an advanced budgeting and forecasting solution that makes it easy to track and manage your organization's financials. This cloud-based tool offers capabilities such as budget development, model building, automated data sync, workflow management, and reporting.

With Budgeting for Dynamics 365, you can quickly develop your budgets using pre-built templates or integrate them with existing systems.

You can build financial models quickly and accurately to get better insights into how each area of your business impacts the bottom line. In addition, automated data synchronization helps ensure that all relevant information is up-to-date. Hence, you have the most accurate picture of your finances at any time.

Using Dynamics 365 for Budgeting, you can easily manage your budgeting process. From developing budgets and models to tracking progress and monitoring results, this tool makes it simple to keep everything on track.

You can customize workflows to fit your unique needs so that everyone involved in the budgeting process knows what they need to do and when. With all these features combined, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Budgeting is a powerful solution that can help you take control of your organization's finances.

The solution includes the following features: 

  • Budgeting overview
  • Budgeting control overview
  • Budget planning overview
  • Position forecasting
  • Budget planning justification documents
  • Budget planning templates for excel

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Cash and Bank Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cash and Bank Management enables organizations to improve their cash management operations, reduce operational costs, and gain greater control over their finances.

With Dynamics 365 Cash and Bank Management, businesses can make smarter cash flow decisions, quickly identify cost savings opportunities, and eliminate manual processes that slow down operations.

Companies of any size can streamline their day-to-day cash management tasks efficiently. With Dynamics 365 Cash and Bank Management, businesses gain greater financial control of their operations and the ability to manage their cash flow successfully.

The solution includes features such as:

  • Automated reconciliation of bank balances for multiple accounts
  • Creation of payments and receipts in a variety of formats
  • Accurate tracking of cash flow with real-time reporting capabilities
  • Flexible payment options including credit cards, eChecks, EFTs, wire transfers, etc.
  • Ability to define parameters for managing liquidity across all your accounts
  • Secure integration with back-office financial systems
  • Automated audit trails for all transactions
  • Easy access to customer information and account balances
  • Comprehensive integration with Microsoft Office applications.

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Cost Accounting

Cost accounting in Dynamics 365 is a tool that tracks and manages the costs associated with running a business. This can be useful for businesses of all sizes, as it can help them to understand where their money is being spent and how they can save money in the future.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides businesses with several different ways to track and manage their costs. For example, companies can use cost accounting to identify areas where they are overspending and make changes to save money.

Businesses can also use cost accounting to analyze their operations and determine the most effective and efficient ways to deliver products or services.

Here are a few major concepts that make up the framework of the Cost accounting module:

  • Base entities (fiscal calendar, exchange rate, currency)
  • Cost element dimensions, Cost object dimensions, & statistical dimensions
  • Dimension hierarchy (define policies, define reporting structure, define security permission)
  • Cost control units, data connector system instance, cost accounting ledger
  • Define Allocation base (formula allocation base, predefined dimension member allocation base)

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Financial Reporting

Microsoft Dynamics 365's Financial Reporting provides organizations with the tools they need to make informed decisions. This solution enables businesses to access real-time financial data from multiple sources and create detailed reports in a few clicks.

With robust reporting capabilities, budgeting, forecasting, and analysis tools, Dynamics 365's Financial Reporting help organizations gain greater visibility into their finances for better decision-making.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365's Financial Reporting, users can securely connect to all their financial systems without manually entering data multiple times across different platforms.

Financial reporting automatically consolidates your financial data from your connected accounts so you can quickly view comprehensive financial information in one place.

In addition, it supports secure connections with popular accounting products like QuickBooks Online and Microsoft Excel and industry-specific applications like Netsuite, Salesforce, and Sage Intacct.

The software also offers powerful analysis tools that help you analyze financial data and gain insight into your performance. You can visualize trends in spending, create budget forecasts to plan for the future, and generate reports with just a few clicks.

With customizable templates for balance sheets and income statements, Financial Reporting helps streamline complex tasks like consolidating financial information. Plus, it's easy to share these detailed reports with stakeholders so they can stay informed on the organization's performance.

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Fixed Assets

Dynamics 365's Fixed Assets is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that helps organizations manage their physical assets, including equipment, buildings, and vehicles. The solution provides:

  • A complete view of an organization's asset portfolio.
  • Allowing organizations to track depreciation.
  • Maintenance
  • Other asset-related costs.

Fixed Assets also integrates with other Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications, such as Finance and Operations, to provide a complete picture of an organization's financial health. With this integrated view of the organization's assets, users can make better decisions about asset investments, depreciation scheduling, and other financial strategies.

Dynamics 365's Fixed Assets also ensures compliance with international standards for fixed asset accounting by providing built-in reporting templates. With its comprehensive features,  Fixed Assets offer organizations an effective way to manage their physical assets.

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Finance Insight

Finance Insight for  Dynamics 365 provides a comprehensive view of your business performance and helps you to make better decisions faster. With this powerful tool, you can track financials such as account balances, income statement results, cash flow statements, and more.

You can also generate valuable insights into the health of your organization with real-time reporting and analytics capabilities. With access to these data points, you can understand how different operations affect your bottom line and identify areas for improvement to increase profitability.

With flexible configuration options, Finance Insight allows you to customize the most relevant information to your business needs. This means that you can easily access all the key metrics important for driving success.

Finance Insight for Dynamics 365 is the perfect way to gain better visibility of your financials so that you can make better decisions for the future.

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General Ledger and Financial Reporting

Microsoft Dynamics 365's General Ledger and Financial Reporting feature enables users to track and manage financial data across multiple fiscal years accurately. In addition, it provides a comprehensive set of tools to help users better understand their organizational finances and standardize financial processes and transactions.

The General Ledger functionality efficiently consolidates multiple ledgers into a single view used for reporting purposes. It also supports multi-currency management and provides features for currency revaluation, intercompany postings, and allocation of costs.

For reporting purposes, the Financial Reporting feature offers various account structures that help automate workflows and provide real-time analytics on business performance. Users can easily access accurate data from across the organization with drill-down features and create customized reports to gain more significant insights into their business operations.

Additionally, users can generate financial statements with automated formats for easy review and approval. Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a comprehensive solution for managing general ledger and financial reporting requirements.

General ledger and Financial reporting streamlines processes and helps users gain greater visibility into their financial health. The solution allows them to make informed decisions that can benefit their business in the long run.

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Public Sector

Microsoft Dynamics 365's Public Sector solution is a powerful suite of applications that enables government agencies and other public sector organizations to access mission-critical data, improve performance, and collaborate effectively.

The public sector solution helps to streamline processes for delivering services, managing resources, and engaging citizens. With the right tools, teams can easily access the information they need to make informed decisions quickly — ultimately helping them focus on achieving their organizational goals.

Dynamics 365 provides an end-to-end solution for public sector organizations, with features like case management, document sharing, budgeting and financial reporting, analytics, and business intelligence tools.

These features help streamline operations while enabling more informed decision-making by connecting people with data. In addition, public sector organizations can gain more significant insights into their operations by leveraging automation capabilities such as robotic process automation, AI tools, and machine learning algorithms.

Dynamics 365's Public Sector solution offers seamless integration with Office 365 tools like SharePoint and Outlook. This helps individuals and teams easily collaborate on documents and share files from anywhere.

The Public Sector solution integrates with other Microsoft technologies, such as Power BI for data visualizations, Azure for cloud computing, and Yammer for social networking. These features make it easy to leverage the full power of Microsoft's enterprise-grade solutions without managing multiple systems.

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