Smart Humanoid Service Robot

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$ 65,000 $ 82,000


Accurate guiding and ushering.
Autonomous navigation and positioning.
Mapping and path planning.
Automatic obstacle avoidance.
Dedicated work, relentlessly and whole-heartedly.
Long working hours.
Never ask for salaries and allowances.



Reduce costs of laborer and management.

Attract more eye catches.

Increase customer interactions and experience.

Low capital investment.

Increase the working efficiency.

Promote the social marketing of the business.

Never pay salaries.


Robot color (red, blue, purple, green, white, gray and commonly used color).

Robot voice (male, female, child).

Version interface (any country).

Language version (any country).

Voice dialogue content (welcome content, reminder content, dialogue content and so on).

Warranty Terms:


One Year Warranty Lifetime Maintenance

I. Please carefully fill out this card after purchasing the robot from Aobo Robotics. Read the following warranty terms carefully to ensure the product warranty is not invalidated.
  1.Please keep this card in a safe place when purchasing products, and ask for the seller's stamp for confirmation.
  2. The warranty card is required when requesting service repairs.
  3. Please ensure that the warranty card information is true; otherwise, it is invalid.
  4. The product warranty period is one year (except for consumables such as servos, the battery, and cables).      Consumers have the right to receive a free repair service within one year from the purchase date in case of product failure. However, if the product failure occurs due to a natural disaster or by the fault of the consumer, the free repair service will not apply even within the one year and the consumer will be charged an appropriate repair service fee.

II. Consumers will be charged for the services rendered even within the one-year period under the following circumstances.
  1. Failure caused by not following product instructions.
  2. Failure due to mishandling by the consumer including, but not limited to:
      Failure due to erratic power or faulty power supply;
      Failure due to foreign matter inside the product;
      Failure or damage due to external shock or from being dropped;
      Damage or loose parts due to disassembly by the consumer;
      External damage or deformity caused by corrosive liquid, paints, thinners, benzene, and etc.
      Any other failure caused by an external event or mishandling by the consumer and not by the defect in the product;
      Failure due to a natural disaster;
      Exchange of normal consumable parts, such as the battery.
  3. Failure caused by service not approved by the company, product modification, or broken product seal.

  4. Aging, dents, or scratches on the surface of the product.

III. When the warranty period expires, the Company will still provide repair service, subject to an appropriate fee.

IV. How to do after service .
  1. When hardware problem.
 step1: contact us with the picture or video 
 step2: negotiate the fee with us.(probably free, or probably pay a little charger, depend on the details. )
 step3: Our company prepare the hardware part or accessory
 step4: contact with the client, and ship it ( shipping method depend on the client's option, the shipping charge will be absorbed by the client )
 step5: Our after service team will take videos to show a customer how to assemble the hardware of the robot. 
 Step6: Any question about assembling problem, please contact us

2. When software problem.
step1: Contact our after service team
step2: Our team will check the problem
step3: Our team will fix the problem through remotely assisted
step4: We recommend to update the system of the robot by manual instead of by automatically update, If need, please contact our after-sales team first.

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