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This A9 Micro GPS Tracking Device is a 2G version of GSM GPS Tracker, it is designed for single workers, children, vehicles, pets and activity tracking applications. It works on the basis of the existing 2G GSM / GPRS (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) mobile phone and GPS satellites, and has several Security Functions, such as real-time tracking, voice monitoring, two-way conversation, playback of 6 months of history, geo-fence, etc.

This gps tracking device can find and monitor any remote targets via SMS, mobile application (iOS and Android are both available) and web tracking platform, tracking software Free shipping to use life !


1. Waterproof IP65: With a waterproof shell to ensure stable operation in harsh environments; 2. GPS + LBS + WiFi 3 positioning methods: If the GPS signal is good, the device will detect via GPS satellite, if not, the device will detect via WiFi or LBS! GPS accuracy: 5-10 m, WiFi accuracy: 20-50 m, LBS accuracy: 100-2000 m; 3. Real-time tracking on google maps: Users can track this gps locator in real time on google maps through the application and the web tracking platform. The minimum data download interval is 1 minute; 4. Playback of the history of the route: The application and the web server can record downloaded device data for up to 6 months, you can play the log at any time! 5. Voice monitoring:Select the “Voice monitoring” menu in the “Settings” menu in the application and fill in your mobile phone number, wait until the GPS locator makes a call to your number, you can select a call to track the voice around the locator. In addition, the user can configure the phone number in the white list, then the White list numbers can call the device’s sim number, the device will automatically answer the call for voice monitoring; 6. Geo-fence: Set the geofence for the tracker to restrict its movement in the area. The device will send information about the signal to the application and the web server when it leaves this region or gets into it. The geo-fence area can be fixed within a radius of 100-5000 meters; 7. SOS Call:When the locator is online, if you configured the emergency call number, press the power / SOS button, the locator will dial the emergency call number, if the first number answered after dialing, the device will not dial the remaining numbers, if the first number did not answer, the device will call the second number, The dials twice. 8. Contacts: 10 phone numbers can be recorded in the phone book; 9. White numbers: 5 white numbers can be set for voice monitoring function; 10. Remote shutdown: You can remotely shut down the device through the application; 11. Do not disturb mode:This feature is mainly used to prevent disturbance of sound to the person who wears the locator. You can set four time groups, during these periods of time, I can not call the locator.


CPU: MTK MT6261 Dimensions: 38.5X38.5X17 mm Host Weight: 22g GPS chip: MTK3337 GPRS: Class12 GPS Signal: L1, 1575.42 MHz C / A GPS Channel Number: 22 Channel GPS chip Receivesensitivity: -165dBm GPS location accuracy: 5 ~ 15m LBS location accuracy: 100-1000 m Minimum open circuit current: Less than 0.5 mA Average open circuit current: Less than 2.5mA Average working current: Around 55mA Operating Temperature: -20 ~ 70 degrees Celsius Operating Humidity: 5% to 95% non-congealable Test & Certification: Can Approved 3C, CE & ROSH GPS Antenna: Built-in high sensitivity fpc antenna GSM antenna: Built-in four-frequency antenna method Screen rotation sensor: Support Microphone: Support

Important notices for using this device:

1. What should you prepare after receiving the device?

* Please get a suitable SIM card for this GPS tracker, the SIM card must be compatible with 2G GSM network, and must be Micro SIM; * Please enable the "GPRS Internet data" and "Caller ID" functions of the SIM card * Please make sure that the SIM card has enough balance and removes the PIN code; * Please get this information from the SIM card provider: apn name, apn name, apn password, MCC number, MNC number.

2. How to enter the mobile application and web server?

* Tracking software of this deivce is free for use over its entire life! * You can scan the QR code in the user manual to download the latest version of the application; * Link to the web server: * You can enter the application and the web server with the identification number of your device, the default password is 123456.

3. How to turn on your device to get its connection using applications and web server?

Below is the SMS Command for configuring APN: Pw, 123456, apn, apnname, username, password, MCCMNC # For example, the following is the information about the SIM card: Name apn = wap. tmobil. cl, Username = wap, password = wap, MCC = 730, MNC = 02, Then the SMS command should be sent as follows: Pw, 123456, apn, wap. tmobil. cl, wap, wap, 73002 # If without username apn and password apn, then the SMS command should be as below: Pw, 123456, apn, wap. tmobil. cl, 73002 # I hope you can enjoy the device, any doubts, please feel free to contact us anytime!

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