Carbon Fiber Heat Socks Warm Cold Ski Socks

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Product Name: Carbon heating glove

Product Size: S/M/L

Product temperature: 38℃---65℃

Working Time: 2.5H-6.0H



A. 7.4V / 2000MAH 2PCS

B. 8.4V AC charger 1 PCS

C. Function 1 pair of gloves



A. Warm Health: carbon fiber heating material can release far infrared beneficial to human body, improve blood circulation, regulate body meridians, promote blood circulation, improve immunity, health care, and longevity;

B. elastic fabric with soft cotton material, heating up fast, even heating, anti-crimping.

C. Safety: low-voltage battery, with the flow, short circuit protection and other functions, the human body does not produce harm.

D. Use strong: carbon fiber heating gloves equipped with two high-capacity lithium battery,

Li-ion battery is fully charged can be used continuously for 2.5-5 hours.

Temperature 45-65 degrees adjustable,

Gloves thumb and index finger have touch screens. Easy to wear outdoor sports, simple fever to good effect.


Packaging Weight: 1 kg

Packaging Dimension: 20x15x10 cm

Collections: Electronics, Sports Wearable Technology

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