Driving Analytical Advancements and Scalability for a Manufacturing company using Microsoft Azure and Power BI. 

The client, a constituent of a prominent global conglomerate included in the Fortune 500, stands as a leading player in the global chemical industry. With several manufacturing facilities located in India, Asia, and Europe, the company is supported by a workforce exceeding 2,000 employees. Their reach extends to customers in over 80 countries, solidifying their reputation and presence on the global stage. 


  • Need of a customized analytics framework, for connecting, aggregating and analyzing their data with complex data visualization and built-in AI capabilities 
  • Streamlining Analytics and visualization for Sales and Finance 


Data was collected at a standard location, cleaned, and processed using Azure Data Factory. It was migrated from the source systems into Azure Data Lake Store by using Azure Data Factory.​ 

The Integration Runtime (IR) was hosted on a Virtual Machine within the private network. This was used for data flow between On-Prem and Cloud. Microsoft’s IR enabled the secure transfer of data from on-premises to the cloud over an express route.​ 

Unstructured/raw data was stored in Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2. The data was further traversed through Azure SQL Managed Instance.​ The data models/business logics were implemented on Azure SQL Managed Instances which served as the central repository for the organization’s data.​ Power BI integration enabled dashboard/report publishing across the enterprise.​ 

Business Impacts 

  • Data management effort reduced by 50% 
  • All data handled in a central Hub 
  • Clients team access to insights and data through the organization