This construction management company, with 300+ employees, operates in the United States and takes pride in being flexible and quickly reacting to customer needs and evolving market demands. The company’s overarching mission is to provide efficient solutions to customer challenges. 


To manage their Sales and marketing operations, the company was using several older, disconnected systems. This resulted in siloed data and manual processes that required significant manipulation to execute. The company needed a new CRM solution to centralize contact management, gain better core pipeline management to better track the full pursuit cycle, improve integration of business processes and tools like Outlook and Teams. 


The company looked at several solutions, including Oracle, Salesforce. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365, construction360 that is a cloud-based CRM platform specifically designed to manage the business development and marketing activities of construction companies. The platform offers a familiar user interface and built-in integration with Microsoft 365 (Office), other Microsoft tools. 

Business Impacts 

  • A single source of truth for data. New CRM platform with their ERP system, creating a single source of data that could be trusted and easily accessed. 
  • Leveraged relationships. The new solution also included relationships360, which uses AI to automate the collection of “who knows who” data to further Sales and Marketing efforts. 
  • Improved decision-making. With full visibility into all clients, projects, the company’s leadership now can make faster, more informed business decisions. 

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